Matt Warner (Webb)


Memories of Matt

There was a disturbance in the Force on Tuesday 6th September at 3.30pm when Matt's life support was turned off.

His brain had shown no activity since 4 o'clock on Monday morning when he suffered another huge brain haemorrhage.
This followed several haemorrhages a week previously after which he was taken straight into Intensive Care at Bedford, followed by a midnight emergency trip to Addenbrook's who have some of the world's best brain surgeons.
By this time he was in a coma from which he finally woke on Sunday 4th allowing us to speak to him.
In the early hours of Monday morning he had another huge haemorrhage and his heart stopped.
He was resurrected and had an emergency operation to try to remove the clots. Sadly this failed.

Our thanks go to the dedicated teams of professionals in the Intensive Care Unit at Bedford Hospital and at the Neuroscience Critical Care Unit at Addenbrook's Hospital in Cambridge who worked so hard to try to save his life.

Matt's funeral was held on Friday 23rd September at 11.30 at Ampthill Baptist Church where our neighbour, Steve (who knew Matt, well), conducted the service, followed by a short private committal for cremation at the Vale crematorium at Stopsley.
At the funeral, everybody was brought to tears at some point. If it wasn't the eulogies from his sister and friends, it was when we played the Star Wars theme as Matt's coffin was carried out.
At 2 o'clock we all met again in our garden for some refreshments while everyone wrote messages to Matt on helium balloons and we released them all at once.

I assume that he's up there and got the messages.

Matt's ashes will be laid to rest in a plot at the top end of Barton-le-clay cemetary, near to his Grandmother who will probably keep telling him to "Turn that noise down". At least he'll be close to someone who shares his love of Gin and Tonic.
We'll probably be burying Matt's ashes on his next birthday. We haven't been able to face doing it, yet.

Donations in Matt's memory to The Fund for Addenbrook's NCCU may be sent to us at home and we'll forward them to Addenbrooks. We have an arrangement wit the fund that any donations through us will be assumed to have had income tax paid on them and so they can also claim the tax as well.
To date we have received over 1000 in donations. I'll be putting up a page soon to thank the individual fundraisers.

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