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Memories of Matt

It's a sad truth that it takes something so tragic to remind us how precious life is. It's impossible to think about Matt without smiling. They say your school days are the best days of your life, he made that true.
Gary Robbins
Matt was a truly amazing man, I fell in love with him after knowing him for only 2 days. We had many a good night out and just as many good nights in. Every moment I spent with him, we were always doing something different. Wether it be trying to teach me to cook (and failing) or dancing about like mad things. We always had a great time. I will never ever forget him.

Matt, I'm here without you again. This time I miss you more than ever.
I love you.

Victoria Mead
Matt had to be different. One of his football boots has a white lace and the other had a black one.
The Football Team
Matt, you're a pain in the arse, but I love you
-Dusty, Just before Matt's heart beat for the very last time.

I've just moved house and came across a mix CD that Matt made for me, which will stay firmly in my CD player.
Andy Langton
Matthew loved cooking and was a dedicated vegitarian - except when it came to eating Mummy's Mince.
I havn't known Matt as long as some of you old skoolers, but in the time that I did know him, I saw him as a very close mate and we both shared the same passion for music.
I used to come round and mix with him untill silly times in the morning we made many tapes together.
They are priceless to me now. I will never forget the times we had, Rest in peace DJ Chumley.
Will Hobbs
Matt's passion for music was awsome, i have plenty of pics and cd's of him, priceless, and will always remember all the good nights out we had.
One of the best mates you could ever have!
Simon Bentley
Matt was always up for a laugh and was never afraid to express his views, a true mate. I will never forget all the good times we had.
Mark Bentley
Matt was our star centre back, always there when you needed him!!
You will be missed by all Matty!
Damian Archer
As a teenager Matt's bedroom was a refuge from the world, we all loved listening to his music whilst enjoying the company of a kind, generous and gentle friend. RIP mate.
Charlie Sowden
Matt was a true gent, had a genuine passion for music, a great sense of humour and never had a bad word to say about anyone. An intelligent and generous guy who always had time to listen to you. A great lad who I personally will never forget. RIP buddy.
Oliver Sowden
As parent trying to cope with two teenage boys I always knew when they had been round Matts as their terrible music (there's never been anything good since the sixties!!) was up by 50 decibels when they got back. Having said that he was a nice lad with a good sence of humour and always remained cool and polite even when I took the piss out of him by calling him my " little pony" when he turned up with a pony tail. Chalie and Olly both had richer lives by knowing Matt and I thank him for that.
Geoff Sowden. (Charlie & Ollys Dad)
Without a doubt the greatest raver of all, All of our mix tapes will be cherrished.Will miss you matty...RIP mate
Miki Lack
I first met Matt when he joined Bedford Modern and was placed in my class. He was a bright, good humoured and incredibly imaginative guy and I liked him immediately. One of the things that always struck me about Matt was his creativity. I struggled when it came to drawing anything more than a matchstick man, Matt however demonstrated an effortless flair when it came to artistic ability. I remember exercise books of his being littered with peculiar but wonderful little pictures and even the walls of his bedroom sometimes becoming his canvas.

As we grew a little older Matt became very interested in music. I lost count of the number of hours that many of us spent listening to Matt on his decks - it was without doubt his passion. I remember on a couple of occasions Matt suggesting (albeit nervously) I have a go with his decks and prized record collection. To say I was a natural would be a lie. To say that I had about as much success as a fish on a bicycle would be getting closer to the truth. At one point however (and with pure fluke on my side), I managed at least 30 seconds of such perfect mixing that even Matt was impressed. And we laughed, both knowing there was no chance I would ever be able to get close to the same feat again. This was one of many good times.

In many ways we are lucky, as we are spoilt for choice with the abundance of happy memories of Matt that we can all call upon to remember him. I have no doubt however that all of us will remember this - that Matt was a fantastic guy. He was generous with his time that he gave to others (which truly is the most precious thing a person can give) and immensely kind hearted. I feel very fortunate to have had him as a good friend, and will miss him enormously.

Ben Stodell
As they say down under, Matt was an absolute Legend. And his love for music is the one thing that will be with me forever. You where a great mate!!! RIP
Paul Salmon
My endearing memory of matt was that he always voiced his own opinion, he was not bothered what anyone else thought and he stuck to his guns.
We had a lot of unforgettable nights out together and I will always remember the endless nights we spent in his room listening to his mixing.
Maximum boost Matt
James Henchey
Shortly after the Pulver's moved in next door to us (many years ago!), Lin and Dusty went away for a weekend and Matt (understandably) had a party. Unfortunately for him, I came home at about 11pm with my 3 and 5 year old in tow, having suffered a car breakdown and a miserable time waiting for the RAC to arrive. I was, to put it simply, not in a terribly happy mood. Anyway, by the time I got home, the party was in full swing, so I went and knocked on the door to ask them to turn down the volume. Unfortunately, nobody heard me for quite some while, so by the time Matt opened the door, I was at full steam and gave him a good ticking off. In my defence, I hadn't actually talked to Matt before and was certain he was bound to be like all teenagers and would give me a mouth full of verbal. I was pleasantly surprised when he apologised instantly and the volume immediately came down to a very reasonable level.

I quickly came to realise that Matt was actually quite a gentle person and I was very embarrassed that I had balled him out in front of his mates. Neither of us ever mentioned the incident ever again and he always kept his music to a very reasonable level. So, my apologies to all of you who went around to his house to mix music and were probably told to keep the volume down because of the dragon next door. Matt - if I could turn back time, I'd let you have the music as loud as you want.

RIP Matt and pump up the volume in heaven.

Lynne next door.
Matt.. I'll always remember the crazy raving days... I guess you really will be "forever young"...
Rest in Peace mate...
Ben Messenger
Matt, although Charles, Paul and James thought they knew loads about music and mixing it was you that really did and I remember you putting them to shame every time, priceless…..
Many fond memories, rest in peace mate.
Alex Lofting
I was in Matt's class at BMS for two years. (Meant in the best way) I was more a guy in his class than his friend, however I was indeed saddened to hear of this “disturbance in the Force”. I always believe we should cherish life's characters and Matt was unquestionably one of those characters. I recall Matt as definitely being his own man and I'm confident he lived the rest of his life this way.
Chris Rook
I was the nurse in charge of ICU at Bedford when Matt was brought in and then transferred out to NICU Addenbrookes.I was so shocked when reading the news about Matt in the paper. I send my condolences to his family and friends.
The staff at ICU Bedfords' thoughts are with you at this time.
Sophie Birch
I was Matt’s English teacher at BMS in Years 9-11 and I was very fond of him.
Although he seemed laid back he needed little encouragement to work and to work well.
He was, undoubtedly, a (very) good bloke and he always quite rightly required complete justification before doing what he was asked.
He was his own man: that’s why he could give so much to others and their happiness as he has so conspicuously done.
I hope to be able to attend his funeral.
Best wishes and great sympathy,
Chris Barcock
Matt's only audible word while in hospital.
You were; your are; you always be the love of my life